ManuOristanio_DSC_0084He contacted me after reading the article and we met over iced tea and grapes at a Moroccan cafe in Silver Lake – he’d just moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn. We talked about Cy Twombly, Anselm Kiefer, books, Los Angeles, New York City, making things. His resolve struck me, as did his aesthetic interests and influences.

Parede do sofá, a esquerda obra do grafiteiro Speto e logo abaixo trabalho em acrílico sobre tela do diretor de arte Paulo Lagreca. Por que a casa do Joel é Casa dos Outros? Porque abraça quem chega, recebe com carinho e é lotada de boas e lindas idéias de decoração.

Joel Mendes é arquiteto e designer de interiores.

Live is ” have around everything that makes me well: collections, books, artwork, affective objects. Always with a good dose of good humor and without rules ”. Joel Mendes Good dose of good mood not even missing in this apartment of 100m2. There is no shortage is also kindness and beauty. We were received with a full table of lovely and beautiful food. He didn’t miss the touch “roots” of the householder. It was part of the table delicacies, a delicious juice. “Thank you Joel, for opening your home to the Casa dos Outros, and have received us with so much affection.” Entrance hall. The host Joel Mendes, on the wall Screen printing “Lovers Hunt” the illustrator and artist Luciana Araújo. Sofa wall, on the left the graffiti artist’s work Speto and below work in acrylic on art director Paul Lagreca screen. Pillows with digital print – the photographer Evelyn Muller.

Table set, brigadeiros served in bowls become even more attractive to eat spoon. Fig terrine and roquefort Bruna milk Chief. Dishes collection of a particular way of exposing food that comes from many places, travel. Large windows overlooking the garden – the building is 50s. Family heritage. The bed was the grandmother came from Teresina PI.

Office: place of creation and development of projects. The flower arrangements are assembled here.

Sticker on the door that was bought in the former shop Bishop – and is a creation of artist Pink Wainer.

Why the home of Joel’s Casa dos Outros? Because embraces arrivals, welcomes you with warmth and is full of good and beautiful decorating ideas.

Joel Mendes is an architect, interior designer and founder and director of Studio  1941.

Studio 1941 – The office name is a tribute to his mother who was born in 1941. Her inherited the passion for art and it is to her that Joel has great affinities. By Stúdio 1941 Joel creates architectural designs and interiors, ambiance parties, flowers and sceneries arrangements.

Escritório: Studio 1941 – O nome do escritório é uma homenagem à sua mãe que nasceu em 1941. Dela herdou a paixão pela arte e é com ela que Joel tem grandes afinidades. Através do Stúdio 1941, Joel cria projetos de arquitetura e interiores, ambientação de festas, arranjos de flores e cenografias. e-mail: [email protected]